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Indoor Dog Pool

Welcome to our brand new saltwater heated Indoor dog pool! We are excited to bring this project to life after many years of wanting it. With covid, those plans got put aside, but now were back on track! We hope everyone loves this new addition to our Resort. Keep reading for more information, but if we don't answer your question here, feel free to call and ask, or email

Please not the indoor dog pool is temporally closed as we transition to our new location(17A Granite Road, Stony Plain) Pool will reopen June 15th 2024

Splash of Water

Here is a list of some frequently asked questions to help you understand how the indoor pool works. If we have not answered your question here, please give us a call during our open pool hours . Monday to Friday 10am to 9pm, and Saturday/Sunday 9am to 6pm


Pool FAQs:

1)Should I come right on time for my booking or before?

If it's your first time, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time. This will give us time to go through your dog's vaccines, make sure the waiver form is filled, and will give you time after to let your dog walk in the potty area. If this isn't your first time, please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled booking, to allow time for payment and potty time before swimming.

2)What do I do when it's my dog's turn to swim and then when our 30 minutes are up?

Come in, give payment, sign the waiver form if this is your first visit, and bring along a copy of your dog's vaccine. You will turn to your left, and go up the ramp. Put a life jacket on your dog, and let the fun begin! .  All dogs must wear a life jacket, until they get approval from one of the staff members that they may swim without one. You can also tie (highly recommend on first time swimmers) a floating rope to the life jacket to have easy access to your dog at all times. We have 20’ ropes (green) and 32’ ropes (orange). You will have 25 minutes of swim time. Please keep an eye on the clock, when you've been in for 25 minutes, it's time to get your dog out of the pool, remove and hang life jacket, gather your belongings (if any) and proceed to the drying room. Please make sure all gates are closed after you exit. Enter the drying room, close the door and use a towel and blower (if you want, some don't) You will have 15 minutes in the drying room. After 15 minutes, put your towel in the laundry basket, exit the drying room, leaving the door open , and go out by exit. DO NOT go back to the pool deck area as someone new might be enjoying their swim time. The whole place is meant to be used as a one way facility. This is to ensure no reactive dogs meet another dog/human.

3) What is the cost?

The price for each 30 minute time slot will be 49.95$ . You can decide how many Time slots you'd like to book consecutively. Each time slot gives you 25 minutes of swim time, and 5 minutes to gather your dog and exit the deck area. If you take 2 consecutive time slots, it gives you a full 55 minutes of swim time and 5 minutes to get to the drying room). There is no discount if you book multiple swim times. This price is subject to change without notice.

4) What chemicals do you use to treat the pool/ how do you keep it clean?

Our pool is sanitized by saltwater with minimal chlorine generated from the salt. This type of pool is healthier for your dogs skin and fur then chlorine only treated pool water. The pool also has an extra skimmer. We also clean the water multiple times a day with a pool net, and a robotic vacuum at night.

5) Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Yes , we require all dogs to be up to date on their Distemper combo (DHPP) and Bordetella. Titer testing is also accepted.

6) Anything I need to do before my dogs swim time?

Please do not feed your dogs at least 3 hours before their scheduled swim. Also, use the potty area outside prior to your swim. Don't forget to clean up after your dog, bags are provided

7) Do I need to stay with my dog during the whole time he is in the pool?

Yes. Since these are private swims, and it's only you and your dog, your dog must be supervised at all times.

8) Can I bring my children with me?

For your children's safety and to keep our facility as safe as possible, please do not bring any children younger than 8 years old. The deck is an open area to the pool, and a little child could fall in and injure themselves. That is the last thing we want to see happen. So for you to enjoy and not be stressed, it's better if it's just you and your dog. If we see people with young children/toddlers, you will be asked to leave and forfeit the fee for your swim. We are only doing this to keep everyone safe. We hope everyone understands this.

9) I don't know if my dog can swim?

The only thing we can tell you is, try a 30 minute session, but please make sure to put a life jacket on,( we supply all sizes) and use a floating rope tied to the life jacket so you can have access to your dog at all times. We are not trainers and we do not have anyone to show your dog how to swim, we are simply providing a nice clean facility for you and your pup to enjoy.

10)How big is your pool and is it heated?

The pool is 16’ wide by 32’ long by 52 inches deep, and yes it is heated and kept at a very comfortable 80-82 degrees!

11)Any breed restriction?

Nope! All breeds are welcomed! Since these are private swims, we can take any temperamental dogs. If your pup is people or dog reactive, please make sure when you leave the pool deck area, and the drying room area that no one else is entering or leaving. If everyone follows and respects their times, then this should not happen , but there is a risk.

12) How many times do you change the water of the pool?

The water will be completely drained and refilled whenever it is needed.

13)Is there a time limit on how long my dog can stay in the pool?

Every booking is a 30 minute time slot, 25 minutes of swim, and 5 minutes to gather your belongings and go to the drying room. If you feel 30 minutes is not enough, you are free to book as many time slots consecutively as you'd like. There are no discount prices on multiple time slots booked.

14: Do we need to sign a waiver?

Yes. The waiver needs to be filled out prior to your first swim and it can be found on our website, which you can print and sign at home, and email us,( or bring along at your first visit. We do have copies at the main office, but you must understand that if you don't have it already, this may take up some time out of your 30 minute time slot.

15 )Do I need to bring anything?

No, unless you have a special life jacket or towel you'd like to bring along. We provide everything you will need, life jackets, water toys, towels and blow dryer. Please remember that we do have cameras recording 24/7, any theft will be caught on camera.

16) Do you have membership?

No memberships, you book a time that is convenient for you and you come.

17) Can I just drop in?

No, you must have a confirmed reservation. You may call us or book online through our website. Every booking is by appointment only. The pool is open only by reservation.

18) I have more than 1 dog, can I bring multiple dogs at a time?

Yes, but only 1 dog in the pool at a time until all dogs are comfortable going in and out of the pool using the ramp. This is to keep all dogs safe. If your dog becomes in distress you will only have 1 dog to deal with. You are more than welcome to bring up to 3 dogs per visit, but must keep the others tied down on the deck landing area. Also keep in mind you still only get 15 minutes in the drying room. We do suggest people take 2 -30 minute swim time consecutively , when coming with multiple dogs (3 max). Once you get the approval from management that more then 1 dog can go in, you may bring up to 3 dogs (maximum) at a time in the pool/Deck area.

19) What if I stay in the pool/deck area longer than I'm supposed to?

Please be respectful of everyone's time. When you see the clock and see your time is up, please leave the deck area. You will also hear a buzzer. If you refuse to leave when your time is over, your dog will no longer be able to come to our facility.

20) My dog had an accident in the pool, what do I do?

Please call us at 780-963-9997 or come see us asap, as we will need to reschedule the next booking, and shock the pool. We reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee of $100 if this happens.

21) What are the pool hours?

The pool hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm (last swim at 5:30pm) ,Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm ( Last swim at 4:30pm)

**These hours may be extended in the future

22) I'm worried that 25 minutes isn't long enough?

A 5 minute swim is equivalent to approximately a 5 km jog. So if your dog does the full 25 minutes of non-stop swimming, well he just did the same workout as if he would have jogged 25 km. But if you want more time to just relax and chill, feel free to book 2 consecutive time slots.

23) Who can I contact if no one is here and I have a question?

Please call us at 780-963-9997

24) What are your cancellation policies?

We kindly ask that you cancel 24 hours in advance. If you have more than 1 no show , you will need to prepay your next visits. If you do not cancel 24 hours in advance, or are a no show we reserve the right to charge you a fee of $25

25) How long in advance should I book?

You can reserve your time anytime you'd like. As soon as you know when you'd like to come, we suggest booking it.

26) Is there an attendant on site at all times?

Yes there is. If we need to step out for a bit, we will let you know and leave you with a device to reach us (walkie talkie)

27) My dog is attending daycare, or is boarding with you. Can I add a time for you to take him/her swimming for me during her stay, and if so how much will it cost me?

Yes! We will reserve time slots for our resort guests everyday. We will take the dog to their swim time for you. Please note that during these swim times managed by us, your dog may be in the pool with up to 2-4 dogs at a time. Only swim times that are managed by our staff will be allowed to have more than 1 dog at a time in the pool. This is due to more employees present during these swim times. Our daycare and boarding guests can add a 25 minute swim time to their day or stay for an extra 39.99$ per swim. (we will take videos to show you!)

****If your dog is scheduled to come to daycare, do not book him online. We will have daily spots for our daycare dogs. Those time slots can not be booked ahead of time, its first come first serve at morning drop off. We will have 6 spots per day available to our daycare dogs. For boarding dogs, please advise at time of booking that you would like to add a swim to his stay, also do not book online. Boarding swims are not guaranteed, it will go with space available.

28) My dog is a senior, Or has had a recent surgery and has some mobility issues. Can I still bring him?

Water exercise is a great way to relieve pain and still get our senior dogs moving. But please have a talk with your veterinarian to make sure it's ok. We are not veterinarians , and we do not want to assume that it's ok or not ok. For most parts, vets will encourage swimming. As for recent surgeries, again you must talk to your vet, and if the surgery is recent, we will need a letter from the vet stating that swimming is safe to do so

29)Does my dog need to wear a life jacket?

Yes all dogs must wear a life jacket, until you get approval from of of our attendant that your dog may enter the pool without one.

30)Can I push my dog in the pool?

No, never push your dog in. Always use the ramp. Some dogs will take more time then others to learn to use the ramp. Please know, your dog may spend a full session only learning this. Some dogs get it right away, others take time. Be patient with them. You are allowed to go down the ramp with them, until you reach the water. Do not go pass the water.

31Can I practice dock diving with my dog?

You sure can, but our deck and pool are not dock diving size. Dock diving pools need to be 41' , and the dock needs to be 40' long x 7.5 wide. Our pool is 32x16 and our deck area is 8x16.

32)Why did you choose a saltwater pool?

Less Harsh on Skin and Eyes: Saltwater pools use a lower concentration of chemicals compared to traditional chlorine pools. This means that they are generally gentler on your dog’s skin, eyes, and coat, reducing the risk of irritation, itching, and redness.

 Reduced Chemical Exposure: Traditional chlorine pools contain large amounts of chlorine, which can be harmful when ingested by your dog. Saltwater pools, on the other hand, typically have lower levels of chlorine, making it less likely for your dog to experience gastrointestinal issues from accidentally ingesting pool water. 

Cons: Sodium Ingestion: Although saltwater pools contain less chlorine, they do have a higher concentration of sodium. This is more of an issue if this water was your dogs only source of water on a daily basis.

33) I would like to book with a few friends or family members, can we all come at the same time?

Yes! But it is 1 dog in the pool at a time, until we see all dogs are comfortable and able to swim without issues. Once your dog(s) get the approval from an attendant, they may all swim together (we will keep a note of this in their file, so next time you come in, they will be able to go in as a group) Please remember, until you get the approval, it is only one dog at a time. Our facility is also not a huge one, so we ask that you keep it to one owner per dog if you're coming with a group of 3 dogs.

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