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 Frequently asked Question


1)  What does your facility look like?

Please feel free to drop by anytime Monday to Friday 10:00 am and 4:00 pm to visit us and our facility.

Our facility includes 20 private suites for our guests that are boarding. We also have 3 indoor playrooms, one for our bigger guests, and two for our smaller guests. Fresh water throughout our facility. Our big dog park area has radiant heat and A/C. Our smaller dog area, also has A/C.  Lots of toys everywhere, even a ball pit in our little park! Both parks have water fountains, and great music throughout the day.


2) Will my dog have access to the outdoors?

Yes! Of course!  A whole day without going outside would be boring. We have 1400 sf of outdoor space. Again, we have a space for our bigger guests, and a space for our smaller guests. We also have 1 enclosure of 15 x 20 with fake grass and rocks.  We also have 2 kennels of 5 x 6  with fake grass for  those who just want to chill on their own, or sometimes some dogs need a 5 minute time out. We let the dogs go  out on demand between 7;00 am and 6:00 pm. We have many options for dividing some dogs who might not be getting along, or for senior dogs, who rather nap alone.


3)  Do you board any other animals besides dogs ?

At this time, we do not take any other animals except dogs.


4) Do you regularly clean your facility?

Of course! We take great pride in our facility. We wash the beds in the suites every time a guest leaves, or has an "accident"...Hey.. don't judge, it happens!  We also wash the floor of the entire facility everyday. We check the toys daily, to make sure they have not become dangerous. All food dishes are washed  daily. The outdoors is picked up on "demand" which means "its" cleaned up right away. We do not wash with bleach or any other products that could be harmful for our guests. We use all pet approved cleaners. (same products as the Edmonton humane society)

The facility is equipped with air exchangers, to help with all smells and humidity.


5) My dog has anxiety with loud noises, will he be ok?

Anxiety is a big issue with some of our guests. Thunderstorms, fireworks, loud noises, etc.. For our boarded guests, they will have a TV running all the time in their suite, so that does help cover some of the sounds. Of course if you rather not have a TV running all the time, we will not leave it on. It does help them feel at home. For our daycare guests, we always have music playing during the day, and in the event of storms, we bring the volume up, it helps, and hey!, who doesn't like a good party?


6) What does your suite look like?

Feel free to check out our "gallery" tab to see our suites.

Most are 4x8 . We have some 4x6, and 1 8x4. They each have their own custom bed, carpet, water and food dish. They also have a 28" lcd tv in each room . They also come with  toys, ( on request, or bring your own is welcomed) No chain link kennels here! All drywall,  painted and ceramic walls, too look just like home. Each suite has a gate for doors, so our guests don't feel like they are trapped! Radiant heat for those cold winter days, and A/C for those hot summer days.


7) Is your outdoor run secured?

The safety of  your pets is our #1 priority. Our run is checked daily  to  make sure nothing is out of the ordinary. If your dog is able to climb fences, or jump higher the 6' please let us know this. For your dogs well being we will not be able to take him in, if there is a risk of them running away from the resort by climbing or jumping.


8) Will my dog be comfortable while he's outside?

We hope so! On the cold  days, we don't spend that much time outside. However how long the dogs want to stay outside, then they do, but we rather have fun indoors, in the heat! In the summer, we have 2 pools to go swimming in. The guests love it!


9) Do you offer grooming?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer grooming .


10) Do you have pet first aid?



11) Is their someone with my pet overnight?

No, we do not stay overnight. But we do have 8 surveillance cameras  in the facility indoor and outdoor. These cameras are all connected  to our phones and tablets and notifies us if theirs anything out of the ordinary. (sound and movement) it also records for 40 days in the intern memory 24/7.  Our residence is  5 minutes away if a problem should arise. ( Humans are on site, from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.) We also have a monitored  alarm for fire and force entry. We also have a brand new state of the art security system installed by Telus and professionally monitored  as of January 9th 2020


12)  What vaccinations does my pet need?

Kennel cough (Bordetella), Rabies and Distemper combo (DAPP,  DHPPC, etc.). If your dog is only going in the pool, he does not need Rabies.


13) What happens if my pet  becomes sick or injured while in your care?

If injury is minor like, scratches, small bites, we will give you a call, and treat the injury. If the incident is more serious, we will transport the animal to your preferred vet, or in case of emergency to the nearest vet. Vet cost is the responsibility of the owner. Transport will not be charged.


14) Do you charge extra for some special attention for my pet?

NO! We enjoy playing with our guests, and interacting with them. Belly rubs, and playtime is all included in the price of boarding and daycare.


15) Do you charge extra to administer medicine?

Nope ! All included. We can even administer insulin 


16) Do you provide food?

We would love to say yes, but we believe that its  not good to change your pets food abruptly. It is hard on the digestive system. We label all your food with your pets name and suite number. If they run out of food, we will feed them our raw food that we have here  at the cost of $3.00 a lbs. Our daycare guest should eat before coming in the morning, and again when they go home. We do not feed dogs that come just to daycare. Unless they have meds that needs to be taken with food, during the day



17) My pet is not neutered or spayed, can I still board him or bring him to daycare?

We accept males until 12 months, and females until 8 months


18)  Do you need to assess  my dog before I can board him or her?

No, we do not need to assess your dog, but if we find him to be aggressive towards any humans or other pets, we reserve the right, to keep him in , when the others are playing outside, and bring him out when the others are inside. When everyone is in, we reserve the right to keep him/her in his suite. If its for daycare, (as boarding) we introduce the dog slowly to the pack. We encourage a half day daycare  to anyone looking at daycare or boarding for the first time.


19) Do we need a reservation to bring our dog to daycare?

If you are a new customer, yes, we do. So, we can go over a few things prior


20) What do I need to do book my dog?  

You can book online, and we will call you back to confirm your booking. We will ask you a few questions about your dog, like behavior and if vaccines are up to date.  Also answer any questions you may have.  We will take a 30% deposit to confirm your booking. (30% of your total stay)


21) I need to cancel my booking; will I be refunded my deposit?

Yes, you will be fully refunded if you cancel 7 days prior to your stay, anything after will result in no refund. 


22) Any Breeds you don't take in? 

Unfortunately, we can no longer accept American Bullies. To no fault of their own (we love them!)  We have found over the years; these types of dogs are not comfortable in big packs of dogs. Total sweethearts one on one, (a family friend owns one, and we adore him) but not in packs. We can't always promise small packs, so it is not fair to the owner who is paying for a service that we cannot provide nor is it fair to the dog to be kept separate if needed. We recommend a boarding facility where they have smaller packs and where your dog might be more comfortable, then with our big pack. Our number one goal is to keep everyone safe and happy. No breed restrictions for the pool.


If we did not answer your question here, please send us an email, so we can make sure to add it to our frequently asked questions.

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